Mosaico furacão

mosaico furacão

Understand what causes short circuit between turns on the electric motor winding

The electric motor must be chosen correctly and for this we must take into account the voltage, frequency, polarity, the degree of protection and others, and all of these requirements should be taken into account for the life of the electric motor is high.

If the electric motor burn, the first thing to do is to identify the cause of the causes of the problem by analyzing the damaged winding. It is very important that the cause of electrical burning engine to be identified and eliminated immediately as well be avoided new burnings in the electric motor.

When the short circuit between turns on the electric motor burning winding, possible causes are: internal contamination of the electric motor, failure enamel insulates the wire in failure varnish that is responsible for impregnation and also rapid fluctuations in voltage feeding.

When the short circuit between turns takes place in the auxiliary winding of the electric motor, problems can be an internal contamination of the electric motor, the fault is in the enamel that insulates the wire or varnish impregnation.

How to clean electric motor

Understand how the electric motor should be cleaned in places where dust is not abrasive

The electric motor is a device that must be kept clean, free of dust, oils and debris. The electric motor should be cleaned only with own brushes or clean cotton cloths.

If the electric motor is submitted in places where dust is not abrasive, cleaning this machine should be done with compressed air, because then the dust will be blown from the fan cover and all dust accumulation that is the engine fan blades electric and the cooling fins are removed.

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If the electric motor rely on IP protection %%, the ideal is that the electric motor terminal box is clean. Cleaning box must present clean, free terminal oxidation and in perfect mechanical condition and dust deposits in the spaces that are empty. If the environment is aggressive, the electric motor should have IPW55 degree of protection.

Synchronous electric motor rotation speed

Synchronous electric motor must always have a speed which is constant and equal to the speed of the rotating field.

The synchronous electric motor must always have a rotational speed that is constant and equal to the speed of the rotating field. For this to be possible, it is necessary that the rotor is an electromagnet that has always fixed polarity with a constant field form that is not accompanied by changes that occurs in the stator field.

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In this type electric motor, the rotor is wound rather than being caged and this format requires that induced currents appear in asynchronous electric motor. The electric motor rotor is constructed that way, because then you can inject it to direct current and thus magnetize it so that it created an electromagnet fixed poles.

And after that, it is necessary to cause the electric motor to rotate which does not happen because of a high rotational speed of the rotating field.

Electric motor operating principle

The electric motor came many years ago and today is proving increasingly important and most effective in the industry in which it operates. The activities offered by this engine are extremely important and can serve well the need for multiple implementations, here we will give a little more on this subject.

The operation of the electric motor baldor L3712T depends on unique pieces that help in their activity. For those who do not remember, the electric motor is a machine responsible for receiving electrical energy and to convert it to mechanical energy. Based on this operation is that the engine can be present in a wide segment of end applications.

The applications in which the motor is present requiring mechanical power to operate. Such as elevators, appliances and other segments. There are many things we use frequently in our day to day and we are not aware that they use the engine to work.

Electric motor of household appliances

Learn how works the electric motor of household appliances

The electrical appliances and also electro professionals with electric motor, with both residential and commercial loads, are usually connected by a power outlet so commonly used as specific use.

On devices that are classified as fixed, as is the case of the air conditioner window type and the larger stationary as the photocopier and domestic refrigerator, in the second case, the portable equipment is the blender and domestic sewing machine and also the manuals is to drill and mixer.

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Terminal circuits are fed appliances have electric motor that are unique devices that have more power. It is important to bear in mind that in places of residence, the Brazilian standard requires that the individual circuit that supplies the electric motor has a rated current that is greater than 10 A.

Electric motor to support

To find a support for the electric motor is necessary to find a product that meets the engine specifications. The carrier serves for various purposes during the installation there may be the need to use this piece and you need to know where to find when this occurs.

The use of an electric motor to support is very common, so that the stores always have the product to sell. There are several models and sizes so that they can support different types of engines we have in the market. Search in order to find a model that will meet the needs of your business.

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The electric motor is a machine that can be installed in several different segments. Typically, the support is used for those motors which are larger and not more basic ones which can be present in any space. The value for this support is available and can be found in physical or virtual stores.